Review: Selina Manuel Antonio

Selina Manuel Antonio is a beautiful hostel set on the side of a hill amidst lush jungle plants. We had a friendly iguana that would warm himself on our patio every morning and plenty of other nonintrusive wildlife to make you really feel like you are staying somewhere special. The beds were very comfortable and the wifi was excellent both in the room and around the hostel grounds. I even face timed by the pool one day! We had free A/C in our dorm tho I'm not sure all of them do. I rented a nice fluffy bath towel for $1. The activities (yoga, drum circles, salsa dancing classes etc) were great for meeting new friends.

This hostel is basically like a campus of many buildings interspersed between pools and gardens. Some 10 and 12 person dorms are individual buildings with their own patios and outdoor areas. There is a main building that houses the reception desk, the bar, the restaurant, and the travel desk. The coworking space on the top floor that is beautiful. 


Rooms range from $16/night for dorms all the way up to $120 for private villas in a sectioned off part of the campus. These luxury rooms are a great alternative to the overpriced resorts if you prefer a DIY experience.


I stayed in a 10 person dorm and there was only one bathroom. This made it difficult in the morning to shower and get ready. I think the 12 persons have two bathrooms so I would definitely go for that option if I had to do it again.

My only complaint would be that the staff were less than friendly. They just acted like my every request was a chore for them to complete. My Spanish is pretty good and excellent compared to most travelers in Costa Rica so I don't think it was me. I will say, I went when the hostel was fairly new (3 months old) and it seemed like they maybe were short staffed or just getting the hang of things. I hope they improve by the time you visit!

Selina is actually a chain of boutique hostels with locations throughout Central and South America. I can't wait to try out another location soon!

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