What to Bring on Your Icelandic Road Trip

We traveled to Iceland in mid-May which is not quite summer so it still only gets up to 40-50 degrees in the day-time. The good news is that daytime lasts for about 20 hours a day! If you plan on river rafting in Iceland, I highly recommend packing wool clothing. If you accidentally get wet, wool will dry much faster than cotton or modern fabrics. Trust me, glacial water is cold and you don't want to carry it around all day. You'll also want a windproof outer layer because you'll likely be spending most of your time near the coast where it is very windy. 

Wind tip: be very careful when opening your car

doors, the wind is sometimes strong enough to bend

the doors back so hang on tight!

Depending on what airline you take you may be limited in how much you can bring. We flew WOW Air and had to pay extra for a checked bag so we decided to pack light and split a suitcase. We each also brought 30L backpacks as carry-ons.


  • wool sweater
  • long raincoat
  • fleece
  • 4 thin long sleeve shirts
  • 7 pair comfy underwear
  • 4 sports bras
  • 1 bra
  • wool hat
  • black jeans, a nice top, and flats (for going out in Reykjavik)
  • blue jeans
  • 3 pair athletic leggings
  • 1 pair wool leggings
  • waterproof gloves
  • hiking boots
  • 6 pair wool hiking socks
  • covered toe sandals (for hot springs!)


  • shampoo & conditioner 
  • body wash
  • moisturizer
  • deodorant
  • sunscreen (twice the sun you are used to!)
  • roll of toilet paper (and plastic bag to store used TP. Iceland is too beautiful to litter!)
  • small first aid kit

Hair tip: if you have blonde hair, try to apply some

conditioner to your hair before getting into any hot

springs. The sulfur and minerals in the water can

be damaging to light hair colors.


  • GoPro & accessories
  • DSLR & memory cards (Iceland is naturally photogenic)
  • iPhone
  • power strip w/USB
  • Europlug/Schuko-Plug adapter
  • GPS (or rent one from with your car)
  • battery powered speaker (local radio is only fun for the first 5 hours)
  • wireless chargers
  • car outlet charger
  • crank flashlight (just in case)

Photo tip: if you plan to use your GoPro in

the blue lagoon, make sure to bring fog

inserts and a buoy accessory.


  • sunglasses
  • croakies
  • quick dry towel (for hot springs!)
  • coffee mug/thermos
  • water bottle
  • binoculars (for seal and whale spotting)
  • playing cards (good for making friends and passing time in the airport)
  • debit card with no international fees


These are the things I packed for my week in Iceland. Let me know if you have any questions when packing a bag for your next adventure in the comments section!


Go confidently travelers!

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